Neverdie kept on playing, and still is…

Posted: March 7, 2011 in Historical Articles, Blog Postings, Interviews, and other Info
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After Neverdie made the announcement that he had realized that he was not to “play” entropia anymore since he was a planet partner, even though he was doing that for 9 months or so prior to the announcement, he kept doing it for a few days… and still is in some ways… it’s very ironic and funny since he made a pr stunt that indicated he had been the victim of a witch hunt which was why he was not able to play anymore, and why he, on his own planet had to have his own avatar stuck in prison.

In truth, he knew good and well what he was doing when he signed the planet partner agreement, or should have known… What happened was no one’s fault but his own. If he did not want to become a planet partner and give up his avatar, he should not have signed on the dotted line.

*NOTE: Since the above link no longer works, Click HERE for the Internet Archive Version of the above web page.

12-29-2010 04:57 AM
It has been brought to my attention that the Planet Partner Agreement strictly Prohibits Planet Owners or planet Partner Employees from Playing Entropia universe with private Avatars…

IF Mindark Choose to make public the specifics of this agreement, then that is up to them.

In general though What that means as far as I understand it regarding ROCKtropia and NEVERDIE Studios is that all of our Private Avatars must cease to engage in all End User Game Play activities, excluding perhaps logging in to manage pre-exisiting assets, until such time that employment is terminated.

All Official (Non Private) NDS or ROCktropia Avatars will be subject to Severe restrictions. (Management, Demo, Guide, Test, Roleplay Avatars, etc)

Further Clarification will be provided here if appropriate or necessary.

The proof here is in his twitter account:

Constructed OreAmp OA-103 (L) with a value of 279 PED at Rocktropia! 1:46 AM Jan 1st via Entropia Universe

He announced the existence of that twitter account a few months before the announcement was made.

Additionally, Bank Neverdie in Port Atlantis still exists and is currently owned by Banker Banker Manager, a second avatar that Neverdie was allowed to have by Mindark when he bought the bank.

Also, it appears that new estates on Rocktropia, the planet that Neverdie Studios is in charge of as Planet Partner, are entered in to the game by being put in to Neverdie’s inventory, which he then puts on the auction in game when he feels the time is right to put the estates on the auction. If selling things on the auction is not a form of “playing Entropia Universe” I don’t know what is?!?…

Here is some other interesting reading somewhat related to this issue:

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