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Posted: June 6, 2011 in Historical Articles, Blog Postings, Interviews, and other Info – 2001 interview.

==== – Beldacom deal must have fallen through too?


Wonder if this is still true?

Look – anyone may invest in MA. Just come up with an interesting deal. Stocks are being traded everyday. MA PE AB has dozens of various stock owners today already.

See the post from a few days back for more info on Neverdie and his connection to Bridge investor group. I’m not sure if ND bought his shares from Silverfox or Mindark directly. Either way, it’s very interesting that he’s in the USA and had shares in 2006 when the pdf advertising shares in 2005 specifically said that there could not be folks in the US buying shares!

I just added a few of the concerns in this post to the Ask Mindark question on entropiaforum so we can maybe possibly get some clarification on this stuff…

========== – I guess the CRD idea is gone forever?


Apparently Jon NEVERDIE Jacob’s father, Adrian, wrote a book similar to Harry Potter before Harry Potter was big, and now Adrian’s heirs are suing JK Rowling over it?… but they had to pay 1.5 Million in order to just get the right to sue because the Judge didn’t think there was much of a case…


  1. […] previously mentioned back in this post, Adrian Jacobs is Jon (aka Neverdie) Jacob’s […]

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