Excerpt from an email that I received from Rafael Espinosa de los Monteros Iglesias, CEO of Pyxel Arts, on June 8, 2011:

“Our employees are playing (and some have played for a long time) in Entropia Universe. We believe it’s important for any planet partner to do so, to check and understand other planets and players’

The above quote was in response to an email I sent to him asking if planet partners, or their employees were allowed to participate in Entropia Universe with their own personal avatars…

This is very revealing since Planet Partners determine what items are in the various loot pools…


19. Once and for all who determines items that drop in RT/NI loot is it MA or NDS (For example if you wanted to add A-3 punisher MKII to drop from Forum trolls is it you guys or MA who would add this)

We determine which Mobs drop which items, that is essential for game design, we don’t control how or when, so we can’t predict when something will drop

That sort of ‘insider knowledge’ could be very useful to individuals that work for planet partners using their own avatar to gain a bit of an unfair advantage vs the non-planet partner participants inside of the virtual universe…

Since neverdie’s changed his web forum… copy of the Q&A is over at

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  3. […] Quote from Rafael – quote from a planet partner that is behind the upcoming Planet Toulon that explains how his employees have secret avatars in game already and continue to keep using them since other planets already do that type of thing… which in my opinion is bad as it allows insider trading type of things to happen in game, etc. because the developers know what loots what and when new Version Updates will hit when those new loots/changes to loot tables become available, etc. […]