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Ongoing Issues/Concerns: 
Previous threads about Ongoing Issues:
Current State of EU and its future
Scamming Methods Exposed
Avoid to be scammed: Know the scamming methods!
A Cheap ped Buyer ANd scammed avatars (explanation)

The lag on Rocktropia NEEDS to go 

Paypal and Strongboxes


Release postponed

Release postponed

MindArk have previously announced an update to Entropia Universe to be released today, October 7, 2014.

Due to some additional work being done on quality assurance in the Entropia Universe platform this release have now been postponed one week.

To all of you who have been waiting for this release we thank you for your patience.

/The MindArk development team.

Taming: the waiting…
Release Postponed 
ComPet Closed Beta Postponed
Patch postponed
Release postponed.
Release postponed
Entropia Version Update postponed
Proposed Cyrene TEN Event for December 20th 2013 – December 22nd 2013 POSTPONED
Planet Cyrene release date postponed
Vu 10 Postponed


Hi. We are aware of the shopping booth issues and are working on relocating them back to their pre 9.4 positions. There will also be an upgrade to the booths in the near future. This is just a quick post to let you know that we are working on it and sorry for any frustration caused by this delay.

Poor Support Team Communication:


Thank you very much for the detailed information. However, we are unsure of what exactly do you want us to do with it. Please let us know if there’s something we can do to help you.
Kind regards,
Entropia Universe Support


Thank you for your report. We have forwarded the issue to members of the design team for further investigation. Any irregularities found will be adjusted automatically. Please follow the News sections of the website for further information and developments.
Thank you for your patience.
Kind regards,
Entropia Universe Support

Thanks for taking the time to submit your suggestions. We really appreciate this kind of feedback and have forwarded your comments to the responsible team.
We are unable to say whether or not your suggestions will be implemented, but please stay tuned to the News section and Version Update Content Lists on the website.
Kind regards,
Entropia Universe Support

Thank you for contacting us. We have forwarded your question to the appropriate team. As soon as we get an answer we will get back to you.
Kind regards,
Entropia Universe Support


As clearly explained in the support policy at the website, we generally only investigate issues reported within a week of the discovery of the occurrence. Exceptions to this rule are possible and our admin tool allows us to access data as far back as six months.
It is possible to manually access the database to make searches further back in time; however, such an investigation is time consuming and increases the load on the database. Therefore there is an administrative fee of 400 PED/hour. If you are interested in such an investigation, please let us know and we will assist you further.
As well, please note that we actually need the full name that you want us to search in order to look them up.
Kind regards,

Locating the birds nests

last years Merry Mayhem Bug still exist!!!!!

War Bonds?
Rocktropia Enhancer Book?!? 

Freebies/Gifts not being handed out:

Cyrene special gift not receved ever Thread on Cyrene Forum
Holiday Items Thread on Cyrene Forum

Where’s my free gift? – Thread about Rocktropia’s Free Gift never being given out. So far, as of 12/2/2016 those freebies still haven’t been given out…


Q. When do I get my free VR Day commemorative strongbox?
A. Everyone who votes in the election will be awarded free virtual commemorative Strongboxes with surprises inside. You will receive instructions on how to claim you Free VR Day commemorative strongbox after you cast your vote.

So far, as of 12/2/2016 those instructions have not been given out…

UPDATE: 4/14/17 below item was handed out on Rocktropia:

Thread for the POVR lockbox

100 free ped were given to beta Compet Deed Owners for use in Compets – They did give these peds out in Compets for the most part, but there were several folks in Forums that had to ask for them in the Compet forum as Entropia Universe Support Team sent them to the forums over there. I believe that some holding compet deeds when this was going on were not aware that it was going on, and since a few folks asked for the peds on the forums and got them that way, it makes me wonder how many were due those peds but didn’t ask on the forum, so didn’t actually get them…
PEDs for Testers! Thread on PCF on this topic
Internet Archive Link
Compets Forum Topic that your’s truly posted to get the free peds…

***More will be added above since there are more examples of this out there mentioned in the forums… I just don’t have the links yet… If you have more examples of gifts/freebies not being given out, feel free to post a reply or send a pm with the link(s).
Related Threads and Links:
Gift List (2002 – 2016)

Quote Originally Posted by AVALON2 View Post
The History of EU Gifts:

















If this thread hasn’t been updated with new gifts simply reply with list of gifts and a picture of items and I will update list promptly. ~AvalonRychmon.

Gifts as recorded in Entropedia: 2002 – 2011
Is there a list of all the freebie holiday gifts since the beginning?
Christmas Gifts
Calypso Halloween Gift
Old Witches Broom // Halloween Gift from RT !!!

Halloween Gifts…2498/index.xml

During the Halloween gift give-out a mistake was made in that those who had deposited over 10,000 PED but did not keep an apartment still did not receive the Skeleton Pants. This was due to a mistake at FPC where old rules for handing out seasonal presents were used. We’re going to compensate this by giving out the Skeleton Pants again to the Calypso colonists who meet the requirement of either keeping an estate and/or having deposited 10,000 PED.
This may result in a number of participants receiving a second pair of Skeleton Pants this time round.

Way off topic from gifts, but Threads that might put you in to the holiday spirit…
‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

They walk among us thread on Entropia Planets
Internet Archive Link

Interestingly, a couple of years later after the above post by MS9 (and more than a few posts about how MS9 would be gone from Entropia forever) MS9 is back in action as Dark Moon Enigma and Monria Fleet Manager, running a full scale mother ship on a weekly run free to Monria apartment owners and Monria born folks……75/#post-24326

Quote Originally Posted by Eugenio Anhithe Wilde, post: 24326, member: 5673
Seeing as this was originally in the AMA section, I think I’ll answer the questions not asked.

DME is a player with a single avatar, MS9 (her former avatar) was put on ice by my request so she is free to play and global as she sees fit. We have a commercial agreement that includes a PED payment for her to use at her discretion and I encourage this to be used to play the game but more often than not she blows it giving away freebies to people 

MFM is an avatar I requested for Virtualsense (my company) from Mindark to be used to administer the free flight program that I fund. This is completely transparent and monitored by MA. It is administered by myself, [USER=5614]@Dark Moon Enigma[/USER], [USER=5333]@Kendra[/USER] or [USER=5771]@Pusherman[/USER], its sole purpose is to manage the Yamato and is controlled by representatives of my company. Admittedly it is mostly managed by [USER=5614]@Dark Moon Enigma[/USER] and as we all know she does most of the work around here!!!

I’m sure nobody thinks there is anything untoward going on here but thought I would just spell it out before the conspiracies start.


Related Links that prompted that thread:…=1#post2405744
Neverdie’s post on Rocktropia Forum
MA employee avatar name list
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Why is this allowed? on PCF
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MA employee avatar name list

Other Related Threads (after that They walk among us thread/article):
Why Mindark doesn’t perma Ban Exploiter thread (discussion about Arkadia in particular by George)
Are planet owner allowed to play with their own avatar?

Resellers, Scammers, and Leeches blog post
Internet Archive Link
While I DON’T agree with most of what’s in the following 2007 quote from Finkle’s reply to the above blog post I’m putting a copy of this here as a reminder that the issue of Dev’s playing is one that’s been around even before the Planet Partner’s Existed, and is one that Mindark and PPs should really do something about by being more open about the issue and possibly issuing more communication to the community about since this type of issue/conspiracy is probably keeping Entropia Universe from being played by a lot more folks out there in the general population…
Finkle said:

Then back to sweating, usually people who go through this cycle a couple of time will end up depositing money. The minute you do, scammers flock over and try to steal your money in some way or another. Make no mistake, there are mostly employees of mindark, they know EXACTLY when you deposit, and don’t show their faces until you do. I have watched the tactics they use and see the light. The avatars you meet and put on your friend list are more times than not the SAME employee. Just watch how on your friends list two or three people seem to log out at exactly the same time. Then a minute later when their computer reboots they log back in at the same time, with a slight delay in between. Look at how the same avatars can’t hold up individual conversations with you at the same time, they have a hard time trying to keep up with both conversations. I have actually seen one avatar answer a question that I asked ANOTHER avatar!! The staff of mindark sit around and create accounts all day, scam newbies, manipulate the market, get Hall of Fames to entice you to keep playing, and you are a HUGE TOOL if you play their rigged game.

Related Quote from an email:

Excerpt from an email that I received from Rafael Espinosa de los Monteros Iglesias, CEO of Pyxel Arts, on June 8, 2011 (back when his company was preparing to become a Planet Partner – see Theryon Wars under Dead Planets list above):
“Our employees are playing (and some have played for a long time) in Entropia Universe. We believe it’s important for any planet partner to do so, to check and understand other planets and players’




You wrote:
Is selling of avatars allowed? My guess would be it isn’t based on my own interpretation of the eula/tos… but It seems that some are doing it nowadays and based on some old forum threads, etc. have done it in the past…

Please see…=1#post3550993

Also, as you have at least one person at Mindark using the forums from time to time a reply there in the forum might be a good idea on this one as well as a reply to this support case here…

Entropia Universe Support
Hi mastermesh,
Thank you for your support case.
It is not allowed, even if there is seemingly threads as they were contacted any sale was stopped.

Additionally, it is the Forum administration that needs to deal with this and I’ll send them a notice, to have MindArk replying in threads does commonly not get a positive outcome as further discussions are started and messages get purposely misunderstood.

Either way, we appreciate you bringing this to our attention.

Take care and best of luck.

Kind regards,
Ulf | Entropia Universe Support


Notice regarding inquiries referring to selling of avatars:
As stated in the EULA 2.2 Restricted Use, a participant, may not sell, lease, sublicense or otherwise transfer any rights to the Entropia Universe System to third parties.

Which means that we do not support the selling of avatars, doing so will lead to an account suspension.

Kind regards,
Entropia Universe Support

Related Thread
Another Related Thread: Account Sale – the reason that warning got posted…

Hi, No, you are not allowed to have more than one active avatar/account.
Kind regards,
Entropia Universe Support

Hi,We are sorry if our previous reply sounded like we didn’t know what to do with multiple accounts, because that is not the case, we do have strict policies for this kind if issues and it is clearly stated on the EULA that you are only allowed to own one active avatar/account.

Hi, As stated in the End Users License Agreement (EULA), each participant is entitled to one active Entropia Universe Account at the time. The reason for this is that your avatar is meant to be your virtual representation within the Entropia Universe. Other avatars will know you by your appearance and your name.
We cannot prevent people from creating several accounts, but if someone uses multiple accounts in order to abuse the system or gain economic advantages to other participants, we will look into the matter and take appropriate measures. In case of such an investigation, it is important that each account holder can verify his/her identity in order to prove his/her right to the account.
Unfortunately we can not discuss information about accounts other than your own, however please rest assured that we will look into the matter and if there is clear proof of abuse, we will certainly follow up on it.
Kind regards,
Entropia Universe Support

Unless the name violates the EULA or ToU or you happened to write your real name as your avatar name, we do not change the name of your avatar. The reason for not allowing a change of your avatar name is that you build reputation and trust inside the Entropia Universe by the name of your avatar. To allow this to be changed would undermine confidence in existing avatar relations.

Monria’s explanation of alt and shared avatar use regarding the weekly mothership travels

Avatar Sharing is very clearly not allowed
Hypothetical Situation Breaking of TOU-EULA
Approved (shared) alts
Shouldn’t 2nd Avatars be hunted and banned

Full Avatar
Community Advisor Program
Multiple Planets Multiple Avatars
EU marriage and babies!
Double Standard
Shouldn’t FPC MA change society terminals so that they kick out avatars that no longer exist
Hardcore Avatars
Would you make multiple accounts
Should MA Allow Avatars to be sold
Are second account against EULA
EULA and multiple avatars
Multiple Avatars
Two Avatars
How many avatars
Identifying multiple avatars
The Final Entropia Exploit – article on Blogtropia Blog


AMPS CHANGED (need to add a link about the max damage on amp nerf if I can find it)
AXES CHANGED (need to add a link to the 2×0 axe’s weapon nerf if I can find it)
The estate bug is not Fixed Yet
U think ur shop is large – check out Mega Shop!
Are Booth owners forgotten
Cannot drop items in booth
Issue with Booth Item Points
Consumer rights and Entropia
You do not own an estate you buy nor the contents in it!

Borders on where Items can be dropped safely in estates have changed in the past…

You will probably not be able to place anything on the wall close to your booth. The walls are not supposed to be included in the booth area. However, should it still be this in your case, it is OK to place an item there. If you wish to find out whether someone can steal an item you have placed there, it is the same here as above. If you get a warning message before placing the item on the wall, the area is unsafe and not within your estate.

Thank you for the additional information. It is indeed a feature the fact that the visualize button will not show borders of the apartments. However, you should feel free to drop items in your hallway since the pick up option is not available to other avatars.
The area from the teleporters to the hallways, however is public.
Kind regards,
Entropia Universe Support

Georg Bear “Fish Tanks and Fire Places”

Warning to item buyers the Eco Safeguard
Bugged guns used to win events

Anyone remember these threads? 
Related Thread
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Notice regarding Item abuse in the Battle Simulator

Affiliate/Referral System offered to some but not all
Related Threads/Links Regarding Affiliate/Referral System (both by MA and others in the community):
affiliate program…
New affiliate program by MA(koz) (2016)
Affiliate Program
Affiliate programm
Entropia Partners Affiliate Program (be careful on this one, not run by MA or a PP, but posting it since it’s something some may confuse with official MA stuff potentially… Knowledge is power and all that…)
The Affiliate System is active from some time
Dev Note 4:

Affiliate Program
MindArk is in the early stages of designing a comprehensive affiliate program that will allow existing EU participants to get rewarded for helping to expand the Entropia Universe user base. We hope to launch that program in the first quarter of 2013. More details will be shared once the initial design of the affiliate program becomes more certain.

Way back Machine Copy of


This is the official affiliate program for the Massive Multiplayer Online Game “Planet Calypso” inside the Entropia Universe.
Here you will find information about the unique concept of the game and the Entropia Universe and a newly initiated affiliate program presented in cooperation with First Planet Company, the operator of Planet Calypso.
You may apply to this exceptional program to become an affiliate and upon acceptance and activation you will be able to participate directly in the booming market of online games.
We are looking forward to welcome you as a new associate affiliate soon.

Wayback Machine Copy of and the related sublinks:

Affiliate Program
In the course of the integration of the CryEngine2 as graphics engine for the Entropia Universe this Affiliate Program was initiated. It offers eligible affiliates the opportunity to receive a 5 year, weekly paid commission on the company´s profits of each newly recruited player.
We absolutely differentiate here from other programs as the duration in which we pay the commission is much longer and not just a one time bonus after reaching a certain turnover.

A main characteristic of this program is the fact that these commissions are also paid if the player who originally registered for Planet Calypso decides to play on other planets inside the Entropia Universe. Of course, First Planet Company´s main interest is to keep the participants on Planet Calypso, but for the commission is only relevant that the initial registration was made for Planet Calypso via our affiliate network.

Your advantages
Our affiliates are looking at a market that’s still just scratched on the surface and are facing an excellent starting position to take part in the steadily growing MMORPG market environment.

Numerous studies show the fact that basically free games, with special content that needs to be paid, are steadily increasing.
Mindark, the company behind the Entropia Universe and First Planet Company with Planet Calypso recognized that trend very early and developed a game environment with an economy that’s based on real cash. Here, participants can not only deposit money from their bank accounts or credit cards, they can also withdraw it directly back without any hassles.


How does it work ?

So, how does an affiliate program look like on a game concept that’s basically free, with no download fee or monthly subscription fees ? How does the operator actually earn money ?

Each tool, weapon, clothes, basically everything a player can utilize has a specific basic value. This base decreases by a certain preset amount every time an object is used until it reaches almost zero value and has to be “repaired”.

The correlating amount of the in-game currency PED and therefor 10:1 US-Dollars of what the item decays gets distributed 50:50 between Mindark PE AB as operator of the Entropia Universe and the planet partner where the participant has the account registered and pursuing its activities, in our case First Planet Company and Planet Calypso.

Another source of income are fees and commissions attached to the in-game auction and player’s shops. Every sale on the auction and shops produces a sales commission that also gets shared 50:50 between Mindark and the Planet Partner.


Planet Calypso attracts gamers

From this revenue First Planet Company passes a certain percentage X onto the affiliates registered on – for 5 years on each new recruited player !

At the same time its irrelevant whether a participant spends money that was obtained by hunting, mining, etc, or if it was deposited via credit card or other methods of payment available. Once the money is used to operate tools and other items its counted as income.

Internal Mindark surveys show that every user grosses an average of about $ 0.50 – $1 per hour on item usage charges.
Furthermore once registered people stay for a longer period with the game, as compared to other online games, until they eventually lose interest and move on to another one.
A substantial reason for that is the non-existent monthly subscription fee.

Also an overly interesting, exciting and always evolving storyline, which actively integrates the players into the past, present, and future of Planet Calypso is maintained by the operator First Planet Company. New planets will also increase players interest in the Universe due to different styles of play and story lines linked to different planets.


Prosperous affiliate program thanks to CryEngine2

The graphics upgrade to the popular CryEngine2 is another unique characteristics in this market environment and guarantees our affiliates a big interest on their banner campaigns.

The Entropia Universe and the game Planet Calypso inside of it is still very little known everywhere in the world compared to other online games, mainly because Mindark never really did any active advertising for it. Yet, there are already 900,000 accounts registered, a number that will jump up together with the CryEngine2 upgrade. Well-known new planet partners will fire up the interest and the curiosity for the Entropia Universe too.
Thus, participating affiliates are looking towards an outstanding and long-term revenue stream, just by displaying our eye-catching banners or textlinks with their affiliate ID on related content.
All informations about the Entropia Universe and Planet Calypso that an interested person might want to know can be found on the publishers websites, multi-lingual of course and each new account registration there will be tracked by the affiliate ID.
Always up to date banners, also especially made for ongoing ingame events (e.g. a special christmas event, that got some exceptional prizes), will be provided by us, but also can be designed by the affiliate based upon our guidelines.


Your potential: multilingualism & sub affiliates
Affiliates who want to address clientel that speaks languages other than English can do that too. The publishers website and all the information as well as the game client is available in German, Spanish and French. Chinese and Russian translations are being processed. We currently offer German, Polish and English banners inside the internal area of and more languages are to follow.

In the near future our affiliates will be able to set up own sub affiliate programs. In short, this opens up exceptional income capabilities on a long-term basis which are further described under “income possibilities”

Call for disiplinary action on the part of all UA cheaters during this Merry Mayhem
How true to their word Monria Owners are




Clarification about “damage-less sweating”


Fair on community to hide space mobs from others … ?
ToS Space Migration 2015

Mindark fix this!! (Hogglo Diablo event)
Bug report: 100% free space skills

If you thinnk that Quad is fast you should see me in bed!


PVP EXPLOITS:…=1#post3429198
Proofs how new ***** B*T works 





Quote Originally Posted by Few Scars View Post
There is a group of players who I consider to be a Item Devaluing Mafia (IDM). They resell devalued items later on for higher prices.

These players use their influence in the forums to devalue items based on their own personal opinions. As a result we see players losing $1000s USD over months of devaluation of items. The DOA Slugstorm is the current target.
Until recently the value sat around 20K for a Tier 0 and +30K for a Tier 10. Unhappy with this price being out of their reach, the IDM are systematically via auction and PCF attempting to bring down the value of this weapon.
With this fear in place, no one is buying as the thought has settled that the gun is worth less than what players want for it.

Other examples of IDM workings are like the Vampiric cloak with 12HP of health boost. Obviously this health boost can be matched by cheap pills and rings, not to forget the Perfected ring which barely fetches 1.4k, but they proffer the value to stay about 10K, clearly overvalued, yet what the IDM say, the forum listens to. With the fact real cash is involved in these transactions it is worrying these players have so much influence in the selling threads.
Another example was the VRex2000 SGA edition. It held a steady value of around 15k for ages, then the IDM came in and suddenly they were selling for 30-40k each!!! WTF? OOOOOhhh the community thinks it is of sudden amazing value…nothing actually changed. Now they are worth 15k again.

The fact is this, if you sell a Tier 10 DOA slugstorm for less than 30K, you are a retard and shafting your fellow Slugstorm owners. You are feeding the re-sellers to make great profits! A 30K weapon doesn’t sell quickly.


Quote Originally Posted by aia View Post
One example of how resellers have influenced the market: For AUDs, as long as the AUDs were availible at arkadia underground NPC, the market value was less(!) than the initial 50 peds. I there had the feeling that there was a lot of resellers who thought the supply would end as fast as it did with the CLDs (more about that later). When the AUDs were moved to the “shop” webpage, the value stabilized around 52 ped or so, which would be a fair price where 50 ped was the “base price” and 2 ped would correspond to the work it took to buy it with deposited money and then selling it ingame.
Now, after the supply of AUDs have stopped, the price of AUDs have started to go up.

As for CLDs, when they were initially sold, there were resellers who camped the auction. The only thing they did, was first (Before everyone knew about it) buying from the global auction and re-posting on Calypso auction. Then, as global auction got known, the resellers would start to hammer the refresh button 24/7, buying from auction, and reposting in public auction. That is, the resellers didn’t do this to be nice; it was an opportunity for auction campers (possibly with macro software) to earn easy peds by liniting sales from MA to normal players and instead forcing players to buy from the resellers.

Another example where resellers have had an impact of supply to normal players are apartments. Long ago, there were tens of pages in auction with apartmetns at fixed prices, sold (and refreshed) directly by MA. There were apartments in pretty much all major cities on Calypso. Then, over a day the resellers woke up. A normal player just noted that the pages with apartments quickly were removed, and possibly contacted MA support. But it was apparent, that it was resellers who took this as an opportunity; for the price of one calypso hangar it was possible to buy up all apartmetns on Calypso. For a normal player, this quickly ment that instead of a choice of apartment (such as which floor and in which city) for say 300 ped, a player who would want an apartment would now have to buy it from a reseller at at least double-triple price. And didn’t have a choice; a player had to take whatever apartment the resellers had posted in auction at the moment.

And, well, I Think it’s a bit sad that the prices for AUDs and CLDs have became doubled. Here I just got a feeling, but the feeling is that at least the CLD market is resellers passing the CLD deeds back and forth between themselves and each time add say 50 ped – pushing the CLDs further and further away from normal players. And a normal player knowing that if they buy a reseller priced CLD, that those Money will leave the game.

(Well, for me the CLD market is kind of personal, I had some bad luck there. I put my CLDs in the bank at some Points, and eventually I thought I paid too much in bank interest to keep them, so I let them expire. A week later the announcement came that MA would release lots, and well, it did didn’t felt fun. And now with resellers continuing to press CLD prices upward, and almost no normal player Selling any CLDs, it doesn’t feel as fun anymore. Maybe, just maybe, I might factor in who gets a slice of my PEDs when I do my activities when I decide where to do them… if the PEDs from the expentures will go to resellers who just will withdraw it, if it goes to someone I Think does great work for development, or if even I have a symbolic share in it. I really would want to be able to buy at least one CLD back, but I don’t want to give my PEDs, that comes from IRL deposited Money, to a 1-attribute auction drone..)

Oh, and apartments: I have the feeling that when a planet partner releases apartments, i got the feeling a big part of those released apartments will go to the resellers we all know. And, again, that kind of resellers I mean will only pay 1 ped more than the highest bid of a real player (unless there are two resellers bidwaring). Instead of going to a normal players, those apartments are likely to be “investment objects”, or end up somewhere in a shopkeeper somewhere and forgottten about. At a reseller price (ie 30% surcharge). Not long ago, apartments were sold in Rocktropia. The idea was this: To be able to get into the “government”, you must be committed but having some sort of estate deed (ie apartment, shop etc). Now, to kill the joy, there was of course some resellers who bidwared for the apartments, and one even said it was as investment object.
Now lets see if MA can help Rocktropia to release more apartments Before the government thing gets decided, and at the same time try to keep the pure resellers who are just are in it for the profit from reselling.

MA’s manipulation of market value – overview and discussion

Please Help 120k peds Mistake!”]Please Help 120k peds Mistake!
Related Thread: Time for MA’s management to sit down together, think and discuss…

Make orders pay the offered price
Looking for Fareios BigHunter Acheimes
Made a mistake, does anyone know Dmitry stDem Sur?
Selling AUD on AH at wrong mu………. I’m a moron
30000 ped just gone …… [Auction mistake]
Help, im a noob and made a bad order mistake on Calypso!!
Just made a huge auction-failure.
Looking for Mr Infinity Infinity
Please Help 120k peds Mistake!
Arkadian Underground Deed scam or mistake in auction
AUCTION WARNING: Guy selling deeds for 12000 ped

Trust Scammers
‘Society Scams’…=1#post3335071

Clarification about Entropia Banking Operations

Since we released news about the virtual banking licenses, several questions regarding loan services and banking affairs within Entropia Universe have been raised. The main concern has been the lending of items for interest. We feel that we need to clarify our policy about this.
Recently MindArk PE AB issued official virtual banking licenses. These licenses comprise a secured bank system for processing loans and securities in the form of items. All transactions made via this official bank system, such as loans, defaults, securities, interest etc., are safe and as such guaranteed by MindArk.
By contrast, loan services offered outside this official bank system cannot be guaranteed by MindArk. If an item is exchanged between avatars, this transaction will be logged as a regular TRADE. And as all trades are final, MindArk will not investigate claims if a loan giving avatar refuses to return items or money.Many people do not fully understand the true value of their virtual items until they are lost. They will then contact MindArk PE AB for assistance and will realize that we cannot help them; this can cause a lot of unnecessary grief and frustration.
We do not wish to discourage entrepreneurship within Entropia Universe, but based on experiences from community feedback and support case history, unfortunately not all entrepreneurs offering loaning services are trustworthy members of the Entropia Universe and therefore we need to be strict in our policies in order to protect the community from scams and cheating.
Therefore, any loan services offered outside the approved bank system will be considered by MindArk as scam attempts and the avatar offering such services risk a permanent lockdown of his/her account.…l=1#post681145

‘Fund Scams’ As noted above, according to Mindark:

…If an item is exchanged between avatars, this transaction will be logged as a regular TRADE. And as all trades are final, MindArk will not investigate claims if a loan giving avatar refuses to return items or money.
…any loan services offered outside the approved bank system will be considered by MindArk as scam attempts and the avatar offering such services risk a permanent lockdown of his/her account.

so ALL ‘funds’ where one avatar holds stuff that other avatars are claiming they have ownership of should be considered a potential scam in process… Below are links to Funds that have been mentioned in forums, community websites, etc. (some did turn out to be major scams already, some haven’t yet… Be cautious since Mindark considers these sort of setups as ‘potential scams’ and we, as a community should too unless Mindark’s stance on this matter and ability to allow us to have multiple folks own one thing in game (outside of the deed system for Akradia Underground Deeds, Calypso Land Deeds, etc.) ever changes someday… (Honestly, I’m not sure why Mods don’t delete every ‘fund’ thread since Mindark won’t stand behind funds as they are scam-bait, unless maybe the Mods themselves are behind one or a few of them?)
LA Collaboration Fund
Chiee’s EU-FUND – Investment Opportunity 
My Money Mint add PEDS to your account value every month!!!
Looking for co-investors in the Cyrene stable
JoshEdward’s Smart Trade Terminal Solution (STTS)
R&R Fund
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Pirate’s Investment Fund
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Entropia Investment Fund
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Make 1% a Month with the EFD Growth Fund! – shut down after Entropia Forum’s database got moved over to Planetcalypsoforum and the forum dollar system was removed essentially in the process.

Earn Peds Outside of Entropia Scam Sites – I’d highly suggest NOT using these type of sites/services since they usually end up being a scam even though some claim they work for them… Just posting these here so that community is aware that these types of places exist. Officially According to Mindark ‘all trades are final’ in game, so any trade with another avatar for items/services outside of the game will just be logged as a regular trade in game, so if you get scammed doing some trade for a service/item outside of the game using in game peds/pecs/items Mindark WON’T back you up if it turns out to be scam… These links are NOT so much to advertise these places as to make the community, devs, and Mindark aware that they exist so maybe they can actually start doing something about getting rid of them (like perhaps calling up some ISPs behind these sites and start throwing lawyers at them for IP infringment, etc.)
Entropia Partners (glad that link doesn’t work!  Means that this site is in the filter list! Mods, and 711 if you are adding the other links in this section to the filter, please, by all means, do so!  )
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Afk Hunting

SLANDER, and other Chat Issues:

Regarding use of local or global chat to issue communications that normally should go in a dedicated Trade chat channel:
It is very regrettable that there are participants that use the chats to gain an advantage. However, we have no means to control communication within the virtual universe. The Entropia Universe is designed to resemble the real world in as many ways as possible. As in real life, not all people you meet will be honest and well behaved. This does of course not mean that we do not take action against people who ruin the experience for other people in the Entropia Universe. We thank you very much for your report.
Kind regards,
Entropia Universe Support

How to deal with slander

BANNED because… “bleh bleh bleh”…
windowed mode .. and ban to EP
Why mastermesh got banned at PCF?
MA blocking avatars without any real reason! 

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