Toulan Forum’s little known history

Posted: December 5, 2018 in Historical Articles, Blog Postings, Interviews, and other Info

Previous posts have mentioned it before, but Tass’s little rant over at best describes the situation in as plain words as probably possible for those unaware… (not quoting it here – go read it there)

(story is about how Toulan’s forum is run by same folks behind Planetcalypsoforum instead of by folks that run Entropiaplanets, clearly visible via the fact same template for forum was used, including wording that originally indicated that ‘efd’ was a form of forum payment, i.e. entropiaforum dollars, the virtual currency originally used on entropiaforum before database there got moved over to planetcalypsoforum at Mindark’s request… because of well, reasons… )

Really old info related to this can be found at, which I suspect is a bit of a rant wiki entry probably created by the same individual that wrote the rant linked to above…

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