Digital Abduction Manager

Posted: June 6, 2022 in Historical Articles, Blog Postings, Interviews, and other Info


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Be cautious when dealing with people very close to planet partners..

I made a trade with Digital Abduction Manager for a Loan about a week ago. (after small trades in previous weeks I was confident with collateral that I would be paid back)

He gave me #2 stall deed on his Land Area as collateral.. Kinda weird since I thought RT only sold a few shops.

A couple days later he asks me to sell this blueprint for him for 40k peds! and not to tell anyone!
Within 12 hours (and yes this is where I made my biggest mistake) He was willing to accept the debt owed + a Gun thats value was roughly 10000 PED total

Now for many who think I may be upset about trade surely its not making me happy, but thats not the reason I am posting. Throughout the whole thing hes been saying stay quite, don’t say anything. I want to keep it between you and me.

Well in most cases as a trader my clients wishs I have no reason to go against. But the fact that he apparently is a media partner with RT and always claims he has a partner.. Im left to wonder, how many partners does john jacobs have working for him with all he knows.. How many partners does the media people have? and what kind of information do these people own?

No matter how much you trade, or think you know. Take that extra step to smell out the people who live off easy money in this game. They will prey on your ped card at any oppertunity.


may link more DA Manager history here eventually… as time progresses finding the links and posts gets to be harder, especially as forums get moved to different servers, posts deleted, etc. slowly erasing the obscure history of this epic scam.

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