Hello, and welcome to Entropia Trash: Entropia Universe’s Gossip Column.

Here we will be digging in to the various conspiracies, rumors, and other nice juicy topics related to Entropia Universe. In many forums this sort of thing usually does get discussed, but threads quickly are closed by administrators, topics get buried in unvisted sub-forums that no one visits much, and numerous other things happen to hide ‘the truth’ about what is really going on under the “Happy go-lucky” surface that most forum admins want to sell you..

This blog is not just about trash talk, digging up skeletons in closets, etc (although a large portion of the blog does involve that type of stuff). It’s also about teaching folks how to survive in game, giving tutorials and tips, and trying to make the virtual world a more fun, safe, and enjoyable place to live.

In essence this blog is more or less being created as a sort of watchdog, or neighborhood crime watch type of emphasis. We don’t want crime, exploit abuse, and other bad things that sometimes show up in our pixel filled world to stay, so we are trying to do something about these ongoing issues.