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pvp radar exploit

So after a long time away from lootable pvp, I decided to try out Arks for a bit.
Overall it seems pretty good, however it is open to a major exploit atm.  If you jump in from outside of the lootable zone the radar will show for a split second.  The person already in the zone wont notice because of the game terrible draw distance, but the pker will be able to line right up with whoever is in the zone.
An avatar named Goddess Tiffany Aphrodite appears to also know this as they jump in and out of the zone looting people.
Leaving the radar on gives the miners/hunters inside a false sense of security and leaves the zone open to a huge exploit.

fishy CLD dealings on auction

Scamming millions since 2013, we salute “Kunrad Solo Reez” :’D

So I guess there is this maneuver called ‘KITING’ out there…


Respect is EVERYTHING!!! – Don’t lose it! – Kunrad Solo Reez copy