Community Resources

Links to various community Resources and Posts about them will be listed below as they are added.

Interviews, Q&A sessions, Dev Comments and Quotes, Dev Notes, etc.:
Link list of various historical interviews, Q&A sessions, Dev Comments and Quotes, Dev Notes, etc.

Exploiting Related Links:
Lets ban all the Exploiters Thread on PlanetCalypsoForum – lists most of the main recent ways that exploiting/cheating is done in Entropia Universe

Avoid to be scammed: Know the scamming methods! Thread on EntropiaPlanets Forum
Internet Archive Link

Scamming Methods Exposed Thread on PlanetCalypsoForum
Internet Archive Link

List of Alt Avatar Admissions or Accusations – a list of various links to web pages, forum threads, and other online locations that contain (or contained in the past) either admissions or accusations of alt avatar use or shared ‘mule’ avatar use in Entropia Universe. The list also contains a few links related to the issue of Mindark and Planet Partners use of avatars in Entropia Universe, which is seen by some as giving certain avatars an unfair advantage through the use of insider information.

Youtube Playlist of various exploiters revealed to the Entropia Universe community on various forums and websites over the years (note that some of the videos on the list have been deleted by the individual(s) that originally uploaded them)

Links to Entropia Related Tunes:
Planet Calypso’s Website Music Archive (soundcloud links described on the site)

Entropia Universe Music on Soundcloud

Ingame Music for Entropia Universe (Project Entropia) from Vu 3.4 through 2009 as a rar file containing mp3s

backed up the old Entropia (Calypso) ingame music way back

Links to Tutorials, etc. for Entropia Universe:
Youtube Playlist of various tutorials related to Entropia Universe that I have found online (many more videos will be added to this playlist over time):

Preview of all of the default (non-Player Content uploads) in-game ad terminal backgrounds

Blogs related to Entropia Universe – 2006 blog that lists “Scammers and untrustworthy avatars” in Entropia. The list was originally listed on entropiaforum but the mods over there closed it due to entropiaforum’s no name no shame rules. Eventually, for historic purposes, I may try to do some more investigation in to each of the entries listed on this blog’s list…
Internet Archive Link

Bug related links:
Youtube Video of various bugs found in Entropia Universe over the years:

Humor and Fun Stuff:
Youtube Playlist of Mccormick’s Entropia Related Videos:

Youtube playlist of random videos related to Entropia Universe:

Youtube Playlist of various ‘Parties’ in Entropia Universe: