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Yeah, maybe Mindark should investigate heavily anyone using Entropia Raider…

So, as we all know, I rent and manage the stores at Medusa Bazaar. A couple of months ago gdog rented the store from me and I lied to him about being able to claim items within a shop. Thus this became a huge liability and risk for all shop owners.

In the original statement i have said that if a shop was claimed, all items would go to the player’s planet storage and not the new owner.

I want to apologize that I was committing fraud by ignoring the original contract, and I apologize for putting all these shop owners at risk due to my selfish intents. Without a shop deed all items in a shop are at risk.

F.O.M.A. Shop # 22 – Maria’s Muse

Maria’s Muse offers a wide arrange of items. As you may know, over the years I’ve been a bit of an eclectic participant in this virtual reality. As such, what’s in the shop may reflect that a bit.

Main Complex Block E TP is closest tp to the shop. From that TP head North West, and go around the corner to the right, and shop is going to be on the left, a little bit down the hallway. Look for the Party Lights out front.

Upstairs I’m working on organizing blueprints. I don’t know if I’ll continue to sell blueprints here or not since my crafting skills aren’t top notch yet. However, I have a surplus of blueprints from the crafting event a while ago, and from years of on and off crafting, so they are in the shop now… I’ll probably add more later when I get time.

Also upstairs are a few odds and ends – some pirate flags, a smuggler droid, several duchev logs, a mcgrangus log, several posters, combat masks, and a couple of other odds and ends.

On most stuff in the upstairs area I’m trying to keep prices below auction historic prices when possible.

Currently in the shop’s basement is what is probably the widest variety of pets in any shop in game. (I was previously working on collecting one of each pet in game back when compets was a reality, but now that it’s not it’s time to downsize a bit).