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I’ve added a link to the Content of the Oblivion on the sidebar for quick and easy reference.

The ‘new home’ (well not so new now in 2014, but relatively new since it’s only a couple of years old now – it was originally ‘new’ in 2012 when this was originally posted before the 2014 reorganization of this blog) for the Content of the Oblivion for Entropia is at

Info on why it’s been moved to the above link can be found over at and at Kudos to Mccormick for keeping it up even though the forum mods at PlanetCalypso Forum tried to stop him when it existed only over there.

Entropia really is the world’s longest running beta test ever to exist considering how many bugs, exploits, etc. that exist and come every new version update…

This posting is being listed under historical articles categories and under the Tools category for the blog because I feel that the Content of the Oblivion is a huge Tool for the entire community to remember the past and the promises made, which were subsequently forgotten or ignored for various reasons. Time will tell if that long and growing list of Content that has hit oblivion will continue to grow or if the buck stops here now that Mindark has a new CEO.

For those of you that are not familiar with McCormick’s work, I suggest you check out this little playlist that I created a while back showcasing most of his previous youtube videos related to Entropia Universe: