Posts Tagged ‘game’!&p=3284297&viewfull=1#post3284297 – apparently if the old holder of an estate leaves an untradeable item in the place, they can come back later after they trade the place and raid it of any stuff you put in it after you claim it in Entropia Universe at this point in time. This is a HUGE problem potentially since it might be leading to the the theft of tons of virtual items by robber barrons holding apartment deeds. Hopefully Mindark will fix this problem.

Estates in Entropia Universe have a very, very long history of not working correctly. At some point in time I may post some links to various discussions of these many problems throughout the history of Entropia Universe. It is things like this that make us question if Mindark is living up to it’s promise that both Planet Partners and the participants on the planets should always feel safe in their endeavors in Entropia Universe.

Trapping in the Entropia Universe MMORPG is the act of causing a mob to be put in to a state where it cannot excessively harm the avatar that is hunting it, while allowing the avatar that is hunting it to kill and loot the body of the trapped mob.

Trapping can be done a number of different ways, such as using certain parts of the terrain to cause the mob to become immobile and then killing the mob with a ranged weapon while the mob cannot harm the avatar hunting it as the mob cannot reach the avatar, or jumping in and out of flying vehicles which mobs cannot damage while hunting, etc.

Trapping is something that has existed in Entropia Universe in various forms since Entropia began. Mindark, the developer behind the Entropia Universe platform, has taken a number of different tactics over the years to stop trapping such as causing mobs to become ‘unreachable’ in certain circumstances. However, this is an ongoing and uphill battle since trapping still exists today.

Below I plan to create a list of links to various forums and websites where the topic of trapping exploits have been brought up as a topic of conversation, much as I have started to do with the alt avatar use list and the Kill Stealing List.

These lists are being created for historic purposes to outline for the Entropia Universe Community of Participants and general population outside of Entropia Universe how long these Exploit/Cheating problems have existed, and how widespread they have been. These lists also exist to give any Developers behind the Entropia Universe Platform at Mindark, or Planet Partner Developers running the Planets in Entropia Universe an idea of exactly how people are cheating or exploiting in game so that they can take actions in the future to keep that type of activity from happening.

Internet Archive Link

Internet Archive Link

Internet Archive Link

I’ve added a link to the Content of the Oblivion on the sidebar for quick and easy reference.

The ‘new home’ (well not so new now in 2014, but relatively new since it’s only a couple of years old now – it was originally ‘new’ in 2012 when this was originally posted before the 2014 reorganization of this blog) for the Content of the Oblivion for Entropia is at

Info on why it’s been moved to the above link can be found over at and at Kudos to Mccormick for keeping it up even though the forum mods at PlanetCalypso Forum tried to stop him when it existed only over there.

Entropia really is the world’s longest running beta test ever to exist considering how many bugs, exploits, etc. that exist and come every new version update…

This posting is being listed under historical articles categories and under the Tools category for the blog because I feel that the Content of the Oblivion is a huge Tool for the entire community to remember the past and the promises made, which were subsequently forgotten or ignored for various reasons. Time will tell if that long and growing list of Content that has hit oblivion will continue to grow or if the buck stops here now that Mindark has a new CEO.

For those of you that are not familiar with McCormick’s work, I suggest you check out this little playlist that I created a while back showcasing most of his previous youtube videos related to Entropia Universe:

Excerpt from an email that I received from Rafael Espinosa de los Monteros Iglesias, CEO of Pyxel Arts, on June 8, 2011:

“Our employees are playing (and some have played for a long time) in Entropia Universe. We believe it’s important for any planet partner to do so, to check and understand other planets and players’

The above quote was in response to an email I sent to him asking if planet partners, or their employees were allowed to participate in Entropia Universe with their own personal avatars…

This is very revealing since Planet Partners determine what items are in the various loot pools…

19. Once and for all who determines items that drop in RT/NI loot is it MA or NDS (For example if you wanted to add A-3 punisher MKII to drop from Forum trolls is it you guys or MA who would add this)

We determine which Mobs drop which items, that is essential for game design, we don’t control how or when, so we can’t predict when something will drop

That sort of ‘insider knowledge’ could be very useful to individuals that work for planet partners using their own avatar to gain a bit of an unfair advantage vs the non-planet partner participants inside of the virtual universe…

Since neverdie’s changed his web forum… copy of the Q&A is over at