Posts Tagged ‘Golden Shadow’ – apparently Neverdie, or more correctly the company that made most of his movies that he’s the contact for, owns shares of Mindark itself?
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RE: Golden Shadow Pictures, etc.

I don’t have any 1st hand knowledge, but based on some info I “think” I know, here’s what I see:

It’s common for small “entrepreneurs” in the movie industry make their own “distribution company”, especially when they can’t get the main distributors to call him back. So ND making Golden Shadow makes perfect sense to me. I assume he had that business long before he ever got involved in Entropia.

ND used to be in Warants, along with Bridge SilverFox Investor. Bridge Investor LLC invested in Mindark long ago, so it’s not a large leap to figure the topic of buying shares came up in soc chat.

Considering how much ND loves Entropia, it likely wasn’t a hard sell.

Since ND already “runs a company”, it makes good tax-sense for his investment to be through his corporation, instead of directly through himself.

And hey presto. Golden Shadow (alias ND) is a shareholder of Mindark.

Frankly, I don’t see anything that big at all. No conspiracies here. Unlike some folks, who seem to believe that owning stock in a company means you’re never allowed to do business with that company, I don’t have any problem with shareholders playing the game they invest in, so long as they get the exact same access to the loot algorithm we have (Read: None).

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To me, yes, the above quote does seem to make sense historically speaking, but that does not mean it’s right or should continue because it puts Neverdie in the position of being an OWNER of Mindark itself, a PLANET PARTNER, AND a PARTICIPANT all at the same time right now! That means he could have tons of insider info, and might possibly be using it right now. If ‘all avatars are equal’ as Marco has said they are or should be multiple times in the past, there needs to be some sort of check and/or balance in place to make sure that that is what is happening. Currently if there is a check and balance in place to make sure that it’s true, the presence of that check and balance and transparency of that to the community has not been made yet.