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After the broadcast, Sverige Television ordered a study on this show and asked Swedish people if they thought Marika’s story really happened or not.

29% were aware it was a fiction
30% were thinking they were involved in a true inquiry and were searching clues on the web, thinking it would help the police.
24% claimed it was real
17% were not able to make the difference between what was true and what wasn’t.

Yes, this seems incredible. This is the problem with this kind of concept : when you play with people and their credulity, then can get angry and feel fooled…

Britta Svensson, columnist of Swedish paper Expressen, in her October 29th, 2007 column, wrote ‟This “scandal” seems to be part of the drama in which SVT in a way that has never happened before trying to fool viewers by relaxing the boundary between fiction and reality. It’s completely idiotic. People disappear without a trace is a reality that news programs sometimes need to report on. To then pretend that it is true that SAPO (Swedish security service) silences the truth about the 20,000 missing Swedes is purely irresponsible.’’