Posts Tagged ‘virtual theft’!&p=3284297&viewfull=1#post3284297 – apparently if the old holder of an estate leaves an untradeable item in the place, they can come back later after they trade the place and raid it of any stuff you put in it after you claim it in Entropia Universe at this point in time. This is a HUGE problem potentially since it might be leading to the the theft of tons of virtual items by robber barrons holding apartment deeds. Hopefully Mindark will fix this problem.

Estates in Entropia Universe have a very, very long history of not working correctly. At some point in time I may post some links to various discussions of these many problems throughout the history of Entropia Universe. It is things like this that make us question if Mindark is living up to it’s promise that both Planet Partners and the participants on the planets should always feel safe in their endeavors in Entropia Universe.
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Way to go in making participants “feel safe in their endeavors” in Entropia Universe Mindark.