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Welcome to Entropia Trash – Entropia Universe’s Gossip Center. The goal of this blog is to be a sort of community resource center similar to a neighborhood watch program in real life.

This blog has existed for a few years, but it was previously just a bit of a scatter-brained bunch of posts that were not organized too well.

After some criticism from some readers recently I have become aware of something that I have known for a few years: that this blog is in need of a makeover… because of that I have erased all previous posts and categories, and am sort of starting fresh in remaking this blog for your viewing pleasure. As I create new posts I will try to be more unbiased than I sometimes was previously in the information provided. I may cover some of the older content that used to be on this blog before this reorganization, but rewrite it in a way that is less harsh, biased, controversial, derogatory, defamatory, and/or conspiracy based (although given the nature of some of the topics, that could potentially prove to be difficult in some cases…).

I will also try to be more organized. I have redone the categories and pages to make them more logical and easy to maneuver. It will take me a long time to fill up the Timeline. Please be patient. New stuff will be added over time.

I also will occasionally undelete some older content that was deleted as a part of this organization, which may make some posts seem oddly timed to be before this introduction. Sorry about any messiness that that creates. I’ll try to only undelete the posts that I feel warrant the un-deletion for various reasons (such as the Quote from Rafael Post which was tied to an email that was received at a certain point in time… )