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kill steal alert:

Posted: January 28, 2018 in Kill Stealing
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On the 28/01/2018 roughly around 17:30 the player josef Quefe88 carles had this behavior against ToU kill stealing my mobs.

Even thought I asked him to stop, warned him that his behavior was against ToU and that I was goingo to report him he would not stop.

Player has been reported to MA and lets see what their saying is and what measures they take against this sort of behavior.


New info on Batsim and its shady side

Ok, so I’ve been holding out some information for a while on what I know of a certain battle simulator player and their history. I have been trying to avoid being specific and I will continue to not use names as I have not in the past, even though it should be obvious who I’m talking about.

Let’s assume for a second that the top battle simulator player isn’t cheating or using an exploit in some way and is able to get times 20-30 seconds better than any of the other players, having been able to every week consistently get times better than anyone else has ever gotten, even though time is very RNG heavy and many runs are needed to find the right timesaving RNG. Let’s also avoid the question of why the top runner won’t post a video of a sub 6:20 run on youtube even though they seem to put up a video of everything that happens in their day to day lives in EU INCLUDING posting their best battle simulator runs in the past before the new battle simulator came out and they started getting these magical times. (They refuse to post the new runs as it would reveal their “secret”)

Enough of that though. That isn’t the main topic of this post. The main topic of this post is that they are still running the battle simulator and collecting prizes for months after they were caught using multiple accounts to collect sometimes up to 4 ( yes literally sometimes 4) of the top placements in the battle simulator. Cheating whoever should have legitimately earned those placements for a long time. I have a very good reason to believe that this is what was going on because upon discovering that the same people who were taking top 5 placements in the battle simulator every week were also in the same society, I reported them for the obvious reason of account sharing. Suddenly 2 weeks after my report all but the one (who was using the other accounts to gain placements and funnel money into their main account) never showed up again. So why are they not sanctioned from running the battle simulator for that reason? Seems like being told to not do it again is being let off pretty light for stealing placement money from the avatars who actually earned it (They account shared to steal placements for months.) Also, let me add that the Battle Simulator prize pool comes directly from the pockets of the runners.